Zach Ware


These are the things that have most inspired me and/or changed the way I live.

Books - Real Life

Books - Fiction

At night I read mostly science fiction. I believe these series represent a likely near future path for humanity. I’ve gained new lessons and perspectives each time I’ve re-read these books. And they are dangerously fun to read when you’re trying to go to sleep.

Nexus (the entire trilogy…this is my favorite book ever)
Ready Player One and Two
Red Rising. This entire series is captivating but I don’t recommend it for bedtime, it’s too suspenseful. Reaper forever!
Daemon Series An extremely precient illustration of a very believable near future.


On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. This is one of two books that’s made me cry.
Song of Achilles. This is the other one.

Super Topics

I will read anything written about a few topics. If you know of a book or body of work on one of these subjects, please let me know.

The Apollo Program
I will never tire of reading about the incredible feat of science and cooperation that led to man’s successful landing on the moon. My favorite books on it are:
Apollo (if you read no other book about Apollo, read this one)
Digital Apollo
Rocket Men
The Secret of Apollo
Apollo 11 (remastered footage). Try to watch this without crying.

The Corsican
Napoleon A Life
Napoleon: In His Own Words

Charlie Munger
Poor Charlie’s Almanac
Psychology of Human Misjudgment (Audio / PDF)
The Intelligent Investor

Society in the 2020s

I believe the precursor to solving society’s biggest challenges is an open public square for ideas and dissent. To that end I follow the work of these writers closely.

The Scholar’s Stage
Bari Weiss
Mike Solana
Mason Hartman
Manufacturing Consent, Edward Herman

Memos and Writings

The lifetime of works of Ryan Holiday, specifically this, this, this, this and this.
Enforcing Rules on Oneself
Warren Buffett’s Letters to Shareholders
Jeff Bezos’ Letters to Shareholders
Sam Altman How to Be Successful

I keep clippings and readings in a digital commonplace journal. Filter to BestOf for my favorites.

I also keep a ton of highlights in Readwise.