Zach Ware


Hi. My name is Zach Ware. I’m an entrepreneur and investor based in Central TX and Northwest MT.

You can email me at zw at zgware dot com or DM me on Twitter. Here are some of my favorite readings.

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Founder of Freehouse Partners, a specialized real estate private equity firm that acquires and develops next generation industrial real estate in growth markets of the Upper Rockies.

Active investor

I invest and help startups as a part-time venture partner at Trust Ventures

Not Work

Aspiring competitive athlete, training for fitness competitions and obstacle races for the 2022 season.

Outdoorsman, aspiring river guide, wakesurfer, skier, hunter, uncle.

Health and biology “researcher” and practitioner, more on that here.

In The Past

Real Estate


Work and Stuff

Old Media

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