Zach Ware


Hi. I’m a former startup guy (Zappos, etc.) and early-stage VC (VTF Capital). Now I’m focused on industrial real estate and long-term operating companies.

I live in a triangle between Austin, Raleigh, and Northwest Montana.

You can email me at zw at zgware dot com or DM me on Twitter. Here are some of my favorite readings.

I write my friends occasionally (sort of but not really monthly) to share what I’ve been up to, get it here.



Founded and lead Freehouse Partners, a real estate private equity firm that acquires and develops industrial real estate, developable industrial land, and assets that power American industry across the Industrial Heartland.

Co-owner of Kollective and Apres Whitefish.

Occasional startup investor. Portfolio

Not Work

Competitive hybrid athlete.

Uncle, aspiring river guide, wakesurfer, skier, certified freediver, hunter (there’s a pattern here).

Health, longevity, and biology nerd. More on that here.

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