Zach Ware

What’s In My Blood – Q4 2016 Edition

I’ve been doing detailed blood tests every quarter for the past year. The first test was a part of a 30 day measurement experiment to quantify the impact of eliminating alcohol from my system. Oddly I haven’t had a drink since that first day.

I use WellnessFX for testing. In Q2 I tried another service which I didn’t like as much so this September I went back to WellnessFX.

The testing takes 10 minutes and can be done at any local Quest Diagnostics Center. I do comprehensive testing which means I have to give lots of blood. This center had epic views of LA to distract me.

August and September were bad months for my diet and exercise lifestyle. Until July I was a machine. Then I fell off the wagon, at least relative to my current standards. While I don’t believe travel or stress are acceptable excuses for unhealthy living, I leaned them to eat lots of tacos and ice cream.

So the general trend in my blood data shows multiple signs of a higher presence of fat and the physiological reactions to processing it. Left unchecked these behaviors will most certainly lead to an increase in general inflammation, something I focus heavily on avoiding.

These deviations from norm are expected when you cram as many tacos down your throat as I did in August and September. So the test date served as a solid reminder to reset and get back on track. Small deviations can easily become large problems if left unchecked for long periods of time.

Here’s my blood. More context on my lifestyle and past testing is here.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”lab-results-wellnessfx”]

First published on October 4, 2016