Zach Ware

Hardcore History

Recently I’ve been enjoying the Hardcore History podcast from Dan Carlin. It’s an odd podcast as each episode averages 3-4 hours. Each episode is the equivalent of a short audiobook.

I listen to spoken word when driving and at the gym. Often books. But my compulsive need to highlight passages and take notes when listening to audiobooks via Kindle is incompatible with most activities and borderline dangerous (especially when driving). It also gives me a headache.

I initially didn’t believe that I would enjoy four hours of history. And now I’m addicted to it. It’s taken me about a week to listen to one episode and I’ve found that frequency sufficient.

The first in a series of episodes about the series of random events that led to World War I is fascinating and, frankly, timely. It’s incredible how similar so many events of that era are to today, especially the media’s treatment of facts.

Here’s the first episode of Blueprint for Armageddon.

First published on September 23, 2016