Zach Ware

Off-Price Retail

FromĀ The Off-Price Market Is Switched On, Apparel News

He also estimated that in the last two decades the competition has driven down the price for off-price goods. Goods are at least $2 to $3 cheaper today compared to the 1990s.

In any race to the bottom there is a bottom....

I study the role discounting, indirectly, for a living. I believe this market trend is the second of three phases in the evaporation of big box retail.
First, we had new stuff close by. That lost its luster thanks to e-commerce. Today, we have cheap stuff close by.
Once that loses its luster we'll look to retail places to provide consultative experiences. They will be places that don't just answer questions but help you ask them.

First published on August 2, 2016